Here are a broad range of useful links that I have used in this research:

The Art of Complex Problem Solving

Naomi Klein

International League of Conservation Photographers

The Triumph of the Creative Class

Dan Mumford

Sanna Annukka

Love Snow Protect Winter

Pipedreams Project

UK Coastal Wildlife

Janey Hunt

Escape Lane

Janey Hunt

Cape Farewell

Duane Elverum

Information is Beautiful

Unconference ECUAD
Tackling Wicked Problems
The Sustainability Transformation
WWF Strategies For Change
Trina Isakson
Arnold J. Toynbee
Presencing Institute
Slient Evolution – Underwater Installation, Mexico
Particle Test animator
Mount Pleasant Neighbours
Venn Diagrams
Wicked Probems – Valerie Brown
Save Our Seas – Funding
The Magic Bus
Renee Nay
5 Cures for Leadership-loneliness
Dan Lockton: Design with Intent
Design with Intent
Zotero Quick Start Guide
Save Our Seas – 5 Threats
Spiral Dynamics
Hero With 1000 Faces
Thackara – Sexy Systems Thinking
Change Through __________
Mercé, Multidisciplinary Teams essay
Hillary Cottom Interview
Robert’s Rule Of Order
Collective Unconscious
Animal Extinction – the greatest threat to mankind
Margaret Wheatley
One Green Planet
Jacques Cousteau
Reality is Broken
Leonardo’s Vision
Ultimate Mens Summit
David Kelley Interview – IDEO
Meeting System
WWW.WWW – Wurman interview
Vikki Reynolds – Consultant, Instructor and Supervisor
TED – Ben Cameron
Design Council – How We Work
Tatiana Plakhova – Data Art
School Of Life – Ken Robinson
Design Science – Buckminster Fuller
Make Tools
TED– Teaching Design For Change
Ocean Change – Climate Shifts
Transformation Design
Move – video
Changing The Change
TED – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ‘Flow’
Super Collider – Designing Science
CUSP Conferences
Design Thinking Network
Alone Together – Sherry Turkle
Hollywood North
Dialogue Mapping
Reos Institute
Dott 07
LEGO ‘Serious Play’
American Society of Media Photographers
Mass Extinction – links
No. 9 – Contemporary Art & The Environment
Visual Communication Tools for Scientists
Climate Action Network
School Of Life – Charles Leadbeater
Reality Is Broken – Jane McGonigal

David Orr
Gen Why Media Project
Ship of Theseus – Paradox
Transformation Design Wiki
Big Society – Design Council

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs