Tuwanek: amazing dive (footage… not so much)

Just returned from amazing dive with Andrea, James and Julie at the almost aquarium-like site of Tuwanek near Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. Tried out the 3D GoPro’s on a dive for the first time, and just pointed and shot whatever I could. Unfortunately, there were several problems. The first thing I noticed was that it was exceedingly dark down there, and I was worried that the camera simply wouldn’t know what to do without light to read what it was pointed at. Secondly, the lenses fogged up despite their being anti-fog briquettes in the casing. Thirdly, the right camera – the one that controls the left, ran out of battery two minutes into the second dive. This mean that even that rather large Alabaster Nudibranch, the Giant Plumose Anemone and the massive lions main jellies that we saw didn’t even get in a single frame.

Worse, is that having downloaded the footage to my mac, I am faced with almost an hour of blurry, foggy and somewhat dark footage. Saying all this though, it might turn out to be a pretty cool effect in 3D… who knows. More on that later…

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